Ribbon cables TLWY

Basic parameters

Quantity of cores standard
and cross- section
– 8/10/12 x 0,12mm2
– 8/10/12 x 0,22mm2
– 8/10/12 x 0,35mm2
– 8/10/12 x 0,50mm2
– 8/10/12 x 0,75mm2
– 8/10/12 x 1,00mm2
Wire cross-section in AWGAWG 26/24/22/20/18/17
Cable Length in disc– For from 0,12mm2 to 0,50mm2: 50 meters
– For from 0,75mm2 to 1,00mm2: 25 meters
Conductor core structure– For 0,12mm – 8 x 0,14mm
– For 0,22mm – 7 x 0,20mm
– For 0,35mm – 12 x 0,20mm
– For 0,50mm – 16 x 0,20mm
– For 0,75mm – 24 x 0,20mm
– For 1,00mm – 32 x 0,20mm
Average outside diameter– For 0,12mm – ⌀  1,3mm
– For 0,22mm – ⌀  1,4mm
– For 0,35mm – ⌀  1,5mm
– For 0,50mm – ⌀  1,7mm
– For 0,75mm – ⌀  2,0mm
– For 1,00mm – ⌀  2,2mm

Selected characteristics

  • Copper wires in the form of twisted yarns combined with laser in the tape
  • Extra flexibility and maneuverability at putting
  • Easy solderability and susceptibility to crimping
  • Isolation of a new generation of lead-free PVC
  • Fully compatible with European requirements

Table of parameters

Quantity of wires in ribbon


conductor cross section

Wire cross-section in AWGPackage: disc lengthConstruction of a veinThe average external diameter of the wireMaximum cable operating voltageMaximum load current for each wireConductor resistance at T = 20°C

maximum + minimum

8/10/12×0,12mm2AWG 2650 meters8×0,14mm⌀ 1,3mm300 V1,2 A155/139 m Ω/m
8/10/12×0,22mm2AWG 2450 meters7×0,20mm⌀ 1,4mm300 V2,2 A89,3/80,4 m Ω/m
8/10/12×0,35mm2AWG 2250 meters12×0,20mm⌀ 1,5mm500 V3,5 A52,0/47,8 m Ω/m
8/10/12×0,50mm2AWG 2050 meters16×0,20mm⌀ 1,7mm500 V5,0 A37,1/34,1 m Ω/m
8/10/12×0,75mm2AWG 1825 meters24×0,20mm⌀ 2,0mm500 V7,5 A24,7/22,7 m Ω/m
8/10/12×1,00mm2AWG 1725 meters32×0,20mm⌀ 2,2mm500 V10,0 A18,5/17,0 m Ω/m

Colour system

Conductor number123456789101112
Insulation colourRedBlueBlackWhiteGreenBrownYellowRedBlueBlackWhiteGreen
Colour code acc. RAL300050159005901660188003102130005015900590166018

Product description

Our ribbon cables TLWY, guarantee not only the highest global product quality and the latest technologies of workmanship taking into account environmental protection, but also provide convenience of usage and savings coming from reliability.

Thanks to the use of highest quality copper, with specifically raised pureness in our regularly twisted strands and their regularity we guarantee almost lossless transmission of sent signal or current, significant facilitation of soldered and crimped assembly, resistance to vibration and oscillation and outstanding flexibility of the cable.

Our new generation of polyviniite insulation is specially diluted to guarantee a smaller outer diameter of the wire at the same cross-section of the vein with all dielectric parameters with operating voltage up to 300V or 500V depending on the cross-section used. This allows for better planning of electrical harnesses and more efficient use of cable glands. This is possible thanks to the increased physicochemical properties of insulation, which further makes our cables perfectly cope with the surrounding conditions and aggressive chemical agents. The insulation is extremely smooth and glossy, is not emotive, does not harden and does not crumble, and allows an unprecedented operating temperature in the range of -40°C to +105°C (max +120°C). This increased thermal range also decreases installation time and significantly reduces the risk of insulation melting when making high-current soldered connections or encapsulating connections with shrink pipes.

Individual, separately insulated wires are precisely laser-welded into a ribbon, allowing them to be quickly and tool-free separated into individual wires or strips of wires with the number of wires needed for installation, without the risk of damaging the insulation of adjacent wires. We offer wires containing 8, 10 or 12 veins with cross-sections of 0,12mm2, 0,22mm2, 0,35mm2, 0,50mm2, 0,75mm2 and 1,00mm2.

Multi-core, grey or multi-colored ribbons available on the market are usually not separatable or solderable due common insulation making it impossible. In addition, these cables are intended only for the transmission of low-voltage control signals or data transfer and are connected by means of compression fitting with appropriate spacing between veins. Contact of the connector with the vein in the form of insulation point-cutting forks gets tarnished over time, which interferes with or prevents transfer. Our ribbon cables due to ability to separate and safely solder them without melting insulation have a much wider range of application. Insulation is resistant to higher voltages and can transmit significant currents and powers. With one of our cables, you can provide control, steering and power to the executive elements, greatly simplifying installation and reducing wiring costs. In addition, a number of receivers can also be freely connected with a single cable without fear of running out of power to control or power them.

The color arrangement of the wires in the ribbon has been constant for years and standardized (RED-BLUE-BLACK-WHITE-GREEN-BROWN-YELLOW-RED-BLUE-BLACK-WHITE-GREEN) based on the RAL color palette, independent of the cross-section used, which allows a significant saving on cable marking systems. This eliminates the need for markers and allows for quick identification of a given vein along the entire length of the wire, even in hard-to-reach places. Making multi-wire harnesses is extremely simple and fast, the cables are immediately associated into a whole. This makes assembling multi-wire harnesses extremely simple and fast. The wires are immediately integrated into the whole, they only need to be led from the controller to the receiver and connected. If necessary, multi-point strand detachment can also be made without any additional mounting materials. The wires are delivered in sections of 50m or 25m lengths depending on the cross-section used and evenly rolled up into convenient discs. We equip all our discs with test seals to help you quickly find the beginning of the cable section. We pack them in a sealed cover made of transparent shrink film, which allows you to quickly find the necessary cable for installation on the shelf of the warehouse. It protects them against oxidation, dust or insulation getting dirty during storage and always guarantees the final recipient the highest quality of the cables removed from the package.

The parameters of the cables meet the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, PN-91/T-90211 (Polish standard), VDE (German standard), BASEC (UK standard), are authorized for use on EU markets (73/23/EEC standard) and CE marked (Directive 2006/95/EC), and comply with environmental directives RoHS (Act 2002/95/EU), RoHS-2 (Act 2011/65/EU), RoHS-3 (Act 2015/863) and comply with REACH requirements (Regulation 1907/2006). According to EN 60332-1-2, the cables are Eca grade, do not spread flame and are approved for usage in construction works. 

At each request of the Recipient, we issue a certificate of conformity free of charge.

Our ribbon cables are universally applicable thanks to their professional design and are ideal for most manufacturing projects in all areas of electronics and electrical engineering. They are most oftenly used in industrial and electromedical automation, in the automotive, crane industry in the construction of all kinds of devices from access control systems, alarms, beacons, intercoms, scales, arcade machines or sunbeds to advanced technological lines, when performing power lines, steering, control, executive installations, on-board, lighting, alarm, data transmission and many other installations. Due to the high current capacity and flat construction hiding them under upholstery is outstandingly easy and useful, they are also often used in the manufacture, reconstruction or modification of all types of vehicles: quads, buggies, cars and trucks, special vehicles (taxis, ambulances, fire brigades, cranes, tow trucks, loading lifts etc.), buses, tractors, semi-trailers, trailers, trams, trains, and they can be found even on inland yachts and speedboats, powered hang gliders or sailplanes. They are also oftenly used to control and power energy-efficient LED lighting systems, connect computer controllers to attachments, control lcd or LED displays and digital touch panels, and for any service and hobby work. 

With us you do not have to wait weeks for the execution of your order. We maintain large stock, we guarantee constant availability in the warehouse of all items and provide immediate shipping!

Vega-Tronik cables are an excellent solution for any professional who values quality and convenience of use in cables. The use of these cables is simple, fast, economical and guarantees perfect reliability. For almost 30 years of activity on the market we have not yet had any dissatisfied customer or any quality complaint.

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