KYNAR wire

Basic parameters

Conductor diameter0,25mm
Conductor diameter in AWGAWG 30
Quantity per spool50 or 100 meters
Conductor structuree– 1 x 0,25mm
– Section in mm2 – 0,05mm2
– Resistance 0,374 Ω/m
Technical parameters– Diameter Ø 0,55mm ± 3%
– Weight 0,9 g/m

Selected characteristics

  • Thermal range – 65ºC – +200ºC
  • Work at a voltage of 250V
  • Kynar wires, produced in Sweden
  • Being made of Teflon/FEP offshoot
  • MIL-W-16878/13 norm in RoHS standard

Table of parameters

Conductor diameterConductor diameter in AWGOuter diameter of wireMaximum cable operating voltageOperating temperature of wire
1 x 0,25mm30 AWGØ 0,55mm ± 3%300VOd -65ºC do +200ºC

Product description

Our KYNAR wire wrapping wires not only guarantee the highest global product quality and the latest pro-environmental technologies, but also provide convenience and savings coming from reliability.

Silver-coated copper wires with Teflon based insulation have a operating temperature of -65°C to +200°C. Their homogeneous structuree and precise workmanship provide exceptional flexibility, ease of laying and installation, overload resistance, thermal and mechanical stability and guarantee excellent soldering with traditional and ecological alloys based on tin, silver and copper. This product is also great for wire wrapping connections and is available in 10 of the most popular colors, saving significantly on cable marking systems, eliminating the need for markers and enabling quick identification of the cable along the entire length of the harness, even in hard-to-reach places.

The veins of the mounting wires are made in single-wire form with a diameter of Ø 0.25mm / AWG 30 of the highest quality anaerobic copper of increased purity, galvanically coated with a homogeneous, smooth, shiny and chemically sealed coating of pure chemical silver. The veins are insulated with a thin-walled Teflon-based FEP insulating coating, which allows for a significant increase in puncture voltage > 4kV. The wires made this way are extremely durable and, by having a very low coefficient of friction, insulating surfaces have excellent mechanical abrasion resistance, excellent resistance to vibration and oscillation, are resistant to all kinds of thermal overloads and are characterized by excellent resistance to the most aggressive chemical agents such as solvents, dilutions, fuels, lye, saturating agents, flood masses, coolants and freons. These wires are dedicated to all applications that place very strict strength requirements, in particular for making all kinds of coils, windings or high frequency antennas for wireless data transmission in telecommunications and computer equipment, for making precise connections on motherboards, single and multi-layer, connecting modules, making connections during prototype or laboratory work, repairing or modifying connections on rigid and flexible PCB boards, making jumpers or mounting bridges. Exceptional thermal stability and mechanical resistance predisposes them for use in mobile military equipment for sensor and module connections in optical, tracking and radar devices in unmanned drones and reconnaissance vehicles, infrared sights, laser target illuminators or control systems in warheads and in all other electronic devices operating at extremely variable temperatures, from desert heat to Arctic cold, and to any service and hobby work.

The mounting wires are supplied in sections of 50m or 100m and evenly wound into comfortable and fully recyclable plastic spools, with a diameter of Ø = 50mm with an internal guide hole Ø = 20mm and packed in a sealed cover made of transparent shrink film, which allows you to quickly find the necessary cable for installation on the shelf of the warehouse, protects against oxidation, dust or insulation getting dirty during storage and always guarantees the final recipient the highest quality of the products when removed from the packaging.

Wire parameters meet ISO 9001, ISO 14001, MIL-W-16878/13 (MILITARY APPROVAL – NATO Specification), VDE (German Standard), BASEC (UK Standard), are authorized for use on EU markets (73/23/EEC standard) and CE marked (Directive 2006/95/EC), and comply with RoHS directives (Law 2002/95/EU), RoHS-2 (Law 2011/65/EU), RoHS-3 (Law 2015/863) and comply with REACH requirements (Regulation 1907/2006).

At each request of the Recipient, we issue a certificate of conformity free of charge.

With us you do not have to wait weeks for the execution of your order or order huge amounts of product. We maintain large stock, we guarantee constant availability in the warehouse of all items and provide immediate shipping!

Vega-Tronik mounting cables can be used professionally to perform certain connections exposed to very high overloads and work in extremely harsh conditions and for simple hobby work. They are a great choice for those who value quality, reliability and comfort.

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