Single Wire LGY/H05V-K – 1,50 mm² – 100m – Brown / Yellow

The offered wire has a flexible, multi-strand conductor with a cross-section of 1,50 mm², insulated with new generation polyvinite PVC. Thanks to its outstanding performance, it is a great choice for any professional who relies on excellent quality, reliability and convenience of use. This flexible, well-laying, resistant to surrounding conditions and user-oriented product is ideal for even the most advanced production projects and any assembly, service and hobby work.

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Wire technical parameters

Product normative classification LGY/H05V-K PRO Series
The rated cross-section of the conductor1,50mm²
Wire cross-section in AWGAWG 16
Structure of twisted multi-wire conductor30 x ∅ 0,25mm
Construction of conductorRegularly twisted strand
Conductor materialCopper Cu
Conductor resistance at T = 20oCmax.12,7 ÷ min.11,7 mΩ/m
Insulating materialModified polyvinite PVC
Outer diameter of wire2,4mm ± 0,05
Type of color insulation

Basic color with colored marker strip

Wire insulation color and RAL number

Insulation marker color and RAL number

RAL 8003 Brown

RAL 1021 Yellow

Approximate net weight of wire16,6 kg/km
Copper index – conductor net weight14,4 kg/km
Resistance to vibration, oscilation, overloadYES
Resistance to lubricants and chemical agentsYES
Resistance to flame spreadingYES – Self extinguishing type
Method of electrical assembly and connectingCrimping, Soldering, Twisting
Permissible current load of the cable14,7 A (max. 15 A)
Long-term current capacity of the cable7,9 A
Maximum cable operating voltage500 V
Breakdown voltage of the insulation> 9,0kV
Operating temperature range of the cable-40oC ÷ +105oC (max. +120oC)
Section in packaging100 meters
Approximate gross weight of the package1,78 kg
Packaging – way of wire confectionEvenly winded onto a spool
Packaging material and dimensions – spoolsABS ∅ = 132mm / H = 77mm
Packaging logistical securityThermo-shrinkable POF film cover

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