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Single wire TLY/LIY – 0,12 mm² – 200m – Light Green

The offered wire has a flexible, multi-strand conductor with a cross-section of 0,12mm², insulated with new generation polyvinite PVC. Thanks to its outstanding performance, it is a great choice for any professional who relies on excellent quality, reliability and convenience of use. This flexible, well-laying, resistant to surrounding conditions and user-oriented product is ideal for even the most advanced production projects and any assembly, service and hobby work.

Wire technical parameters

Product normative classification TLY/ LIY PRO Series
The rated cross-section of the conductor 0,12mm²
Wire cross-section in AWG AWG 26
Structure of twisted multi-wire conductor 7 x ∅ 0,15mm
Construction of conductor Regularly twisted strand
Conductor material Copper Cu
Conductor resistance at T = 20oC max.155 ÷ min.139 mΩ/m
Insulating material Modified polyvinite PVC
Outer diameter of wire ∅ 1,2mm ± 0,05
Type of color insulation Monochrome
Wire insulation color and RAL number RAL 6019 Light Green
Approximate net weight of wire 2,40 kg/km
Copper index – conductor net weight 1,08 kg/km
Resistance to vibration, oscilation, overload YES
Resistance to lubricants and chemical agents YES
Resistance to flame spreading YES – Self extinguishing type
Method of electrical assembly and connecting Crimping, Soldering, Twisting
Permissible current load of the cable 1,7 A (max. 3,0 A)
Long-term current capacity of the cable 1,2 A
Maximum cable operating voltage 300 V
Breakdown voltage of the insulation > 5kV
Operating temperature range of the cable -40oC ÷ +105oC (max. +120oC)
Section in packaging 200 meters
Approximate gross weight of the package 0,60 kg
Packaging – way of wire confection Evenly winded onto a spool
Packaging material and dimensions – spools ABS ∅ = 132mm / H = 47mm
Packaging logistical security Thermo-shrinkable POF film cover

Item available on request. Minimal order 1km. Time for realization up to 30 days.

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