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Silver coated copper wire DSM/SCW – ∅ 1,00 mm – 250g

We offer a soft copper wire galvanically coated with silver. Offered wire has a diameter of Ø 1,00 mm. Due to its outstanding performance, it is an excellent choice for any professional who relies on perfect quality, reliability and convenience of use. This flexible, well-laying, weather-resistant and convenient product is ideal for even the most advanced production projects and any assembly, service or hobby work.

Wire technical parameters

Nominal diameter of the wire 1,00mm
Nominal cross-section of the wire 0,80mm²
Wire cross-section in SWG SWG 19
Copper core base material Annealed copper CU
Silver coating base material Silver Ag 999,99 SPC
Thickness of galvanic silver coating 0,70μm ± 3%
Minimum conductivity at T = 20oC 58 m/Ω · mm²
Minimum tensile strength of the wire 200 MPa
Minimum wire elongation at break 30%
Resistance to friction, vibration, oscillation YES
Resistance to current overload YES
Resistance to thermal shocks, embers YES
Resistance to flame spreading YES – Product is incombustible
Method of electrical assembly of wires Crimping, Soldering, Twisting
Assembly in wire wrapping system YES
Soldering – maximum tin coating time 2 seconds
Operating temperature of silver coated wire -200oC ÷ +800oC
Quantity of product in packaging – net. weight 250 grams
Approximate length of wire in packaging 36 meters
Packaging Evenly rolled onto polypropylene spool
Material and dimensions of packaging – spool Polypropylene ∅ = 50mm / H = 42mm
Way of securing the packaging Thermo-shrinkable POF film cover

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