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Silver coated copper wire DSM/SCW – ∅ 0,50 mm – 250g

We offer a soft copper wire galvanically coated with silver. Offered wire has a diameter of Ø 0.50 mm. Due to its outstanding performance, it is an excellent choice for any professional who relies on perfect quality, reliability and convenience of use. This flexible, well-laying, weather-resistant and convenient product is ideal for even the most advanced production projects and any assembly, service or hobby work.

Wire technical parameters

Nominal diameter of the wire ∅ 0,50mm
Nominal cross-section of the wire 0,20mm²
Wire cross-section in SWG SWG 25
Copper core base material Annealed copper CU
Silver coating base material Silver Ag 999,99 SPC
Thickness of galvanic silver coating 0,70μm ± 3%
Minimum conductivity at T = 20oC 58 m/Ω · mm²
Minimum tensile strength of the wire 200 MPa
Minimum wire elongation at break 20%
Resistance to friction, vibration, oscillation YES
Resistance to current overload YES
Resistance to thermal shocks, embers YES
Resistance to flame spreading YES – Product is incombustible
Method of electrical assembly of wires Crimping, Soldering, Twisting
Assembly in wire wrapping system YES
Soldering – maximum tin coating time 2 seconds
Operating temperature of silver coated wire -200oC ÷ +800oC
Quantity of product in packaging – net. weight 250 grams
Approximate length of wire in packaging 150 meters
Packaging Evenly rolled onto polypropylene spool
Material and dimensions of packaging – spool Polypropylene ∅ = 50mm / H = 42mm
Way of securing the packaging Thermo-shrinkable POF film cover

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