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Ribbon wire TLWY 10 x 0,12 mm²

The offered cable has 10 separately insulated wires with a cross-section of 0,12 mm². Due to its excellent performance, it is an excellent choice for any professional who relies on excellent quality, reliability and convenience of use. This flexible, well-laying, weather-resistant and convenient product is ideal for even the most advanced production projects and any assembly, service or hobby work.

Cable technical Parameters

Number of wires 10
Single conductor cross-section 0,12mm²
Single conductor diameter in AWG AWG 26
Conductor material Copper Cu
Structure of a single wire 8 x ∅ 0,14mm
Construction of conductor Regularly twisted strand
Single wire resistance T = 20oC max.155 ÷ min.139 mΩ/m
Copper index – conductor net weight 8,64 kg/km
Insulating material Modified polyvinite
Outer diameter of single wire ∅ 1,3mm ± 3%
Order of colored wires in ribbon

01. RAL 3000 Red

02. RAL 5015 Blue

03. RAL 9005 Black

04. RAL 9016 White

05. RAL 6018 Green

06. RAL 8003 Brown

07. RAL 1021 Yellow

08. RAL 3000 Red

09. RAL 5015 Blue

10. RAL 9005 Black

Tool-free separation into wires and strips YES
Resistance to vibration, oscillation, overload YES
Resistance to lubricants and chemical agents YES
Resistance to flame spreading YES – Self-extinguishing type
Method of electrical assembly of wires Crimping, Soldering, Twisting
Max. current load on each wire 1,2 A
Max. operating voltage of wire 300 V
Operating temperature of the cable -40oC ÷ +105oC (max. +120oC)
Quantity in a package 50 meters
Approximate gross weight of the package 1,30 kg
Approximate dimensions of the packaging ∅ = 290mm ± 3% / H = 13mm ± 3%

Evenly rolled into a disc

And cross reinforced wit PP tape

Way of securing the package Thermo-shrinkable POF film cover

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