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Winding wire DN1E 200 ∅ – 0,50 mm – 500g

We offer round insulated copper wire, with one layer of enamel insulation with a diameter of Ø  0.50 mm. Thanks to its excellent performance, it is an excellent choice for any professional who relies on excellent quality, reliability and convenience of use. This flexible, well-laying, weather-resistant and user-oriented product is ideal for even the most advanced production projects and any assembly, service and hobby work.

Wire technical parameters:

Conductor diameter ∅ 0,50mm
Conductor cross-section 0,20mm²
Conductor diameter in SWG SWG 25
Product normative classification EI/AIW Class 200 Grade 1
Conductor base material Copper Cu
Inner coat of dielectric enamel Amid poliestrowy THEIC
Outer coat of dielectric enamel Polyamidoimid coat
Min. outer diameter of insulated wire ∅ 0,524mm
Max. outer diameter of isolated wire ∅ 0,544mm
Minimum wire elongation at break 26%
Resistance to vibration, oscilation, overload YES
Resistance to aggressive chemical agents YES
Resistance to current and thermal shocks YES
Flame spreading resistance YES – self-extinguishing type
Wire connection method – electrical installation Soldering, Crimping, Welding
Winding wire temperature range -65oC ÷ +200oC
Wire thermoplasticity temperature > +350oC
Puncture voltage of the insulation layer > 5kV
Amount of wire per package – net weight 500 grams
Approximate length of wire in the package 280 meters
Packaging – way of wire confection Evenly winded onto a spool
Packaging material and dimensions – spools Polipropylen ∅ = 50mm / H = 81mm
Packaging logistical security Thermo-shrinkable POF film cover

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