Kynar Wire 100m ø 0,25mm Violet Information

Kynar Wire Wrapping
Wires 100m ø 0,25mm
Color Violet

Date of Introduction:July 8 2011
Quantity on spool: 100m
Net weight: 0,88 g/m

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Conductor and wire parameters:

  • Rated diameter of conductor ø 0,25mm

  • Inch cross-section AWG 30

  • Quantity winded on spool 100 meters

  • Colour: violet

  • Conductor structure 1x 0,254mm

  • Max. diameter of conductor ø 0,28mm

  • Cross-section of conductor in mm20,05mm2

  • Min. diameter of insulated wire in mm ø 0,51mm

  • Max. diameter of insulated wire in mm ø 0,61mm

  • Weight in g/m 0,88

  • Max. working voltage 250 V

  • Max. current load 1,0 A

  • Working temperature range from -65oC till 200oC

  • Max. conductor resistance Ω/100m 35,4

  • All our Kynar wire wrapping wires are fully RoHS compliant.
  • Prompt Delivery

    • Prompt delivery of our wires is organized by DPD courier company..

      Delivery Regarding Wholesale Offer
    • We also sell our wires directly from our company site as individual receipt..

      Delivery Regarding Wholesale Offer
    • The wires presented in our offer are available off-hand, after placing an order we organize dispatch of ordered wires..

      Delivery Regarding Wholesale Offer
    • We also realize non-standard orders, trying to comply flexibly to the needs of our customers.

      Delivery Regarding Wholesale Offer

    The Features of Our Products:

    • Top Quality
    • Extra Flexibility
    • Accordance with Standards
    • High Working Parameters
    • Some Hundreds Items in Offer
    • Conformability to RAL Colour System
    • Wide Colour Range
    • Laser Jointed TLWY Ribbon Cables
    • Purity free from Impurities
    • Separately Insulated
    • Free from Chemical Compounds
    • Easy Possibility of Separation

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