Silver plated oxygen free copper Wire Wrapping Wire FEP insulated KYNAR
  • Silver plated oxygen free copper Wire Wrapping Wire FEP insulated KYNAR in thermal range - 65oC - +200oC

  • Kynar wires, made of anaerobic silver plated copper in thin-walled insulation, being made of Teflon/FEP offshoot. This product is produced in ten, the most popular colours at diameter Ø 0,25mm / AWG 30.

  • Available in 10 colours : WHITE, BROWN, BLACK, RED, VIOLET, BLUE, ORANGE, GREY, GREEN, YELLOW. Perfect assembling wires to work at a voltage of 250V. They are used to make soldered and wrapped joints in a professional military or medical equipment, industrial automation, other electronic devices and for service and hobby jobs. Application of thin - walled FEP insulation layer on teflon base provides exceptional resistance to electrical overload, impact of harsh chemicals, thermal and mechanical stability and allows to increase the level of breakdown voltage > 4kV. The wires are produced according to MIL-W-16878/13 norm in RoHS standard.

  • The wires of this sort can be used both to making connections in professional military, medical equipment as well as in industrial automation and to simple hobbyist works.

  • Summarizing, Kynar wires, produced in Sweden, are of perfect electric,dielectric,mechanical and thermic parameters (till 200oC.cent.), universal usage, professional package. It is a quarantee of their market success

  • As opposed to goods offered by competitors, our products aren't imported from China, being the only from few ones, with military attestations, which enable them to be applied to the most professional equipment.

Prompt Delivery

  • Prompt delivery of our wires is organized by DPD courier company..

    Delivery Regarding Wholesale Offer
  • We also sell our wires directly from our company site as individual receipt..

    Delivery Regarding Wholesale Offer
  • The wires presented in our offer are available off-hand, after placing an order we organize dispatch of ordered wires..

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  • We also realize non-standard orders, trying to comply flexibly to the needs of our customers.

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The Features of Our Products:

  • Top Quality
  • Extra Flexibility
  • Accordance with Standards
  • High Working Parameters
  • Some Hundreds Items in Offer
  • Conformability to RAL Colour System
  • Wide Colour Range
  • Laser Jointed TLWY Ribbon Cables
  • Purity free from Impurities
  • Separately Insulated
  • Free from Chemical Compounds
  • Easy Possibility of Separation

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